Not Now

Loretta Hagen

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Loretta Hagen – NOT NOW [4:10] New Single Release – RADIO ADD DATE - APRIL 1, 2021 ISRC QM7M72151570 – ASCAP words and music by Loretta Hagen. © 2020 "Not Now" is a song about hope and the will to survive. Award-winning singer-songwriter Loretta Hagen wrote the song during COVID-19 after hearing the heartbreaking stories of people fighting for their lives, alone in hospitals. "Each day I would hear news stations report the heartbreaking stories of people alone in hospitals around the world fighting for their lives without a loved one at their side. I can only imagine the terror for them. So many stories of loss: loss of life, loss of jobs, homes, loneliness. Normal life simply gone. But in all of that overwhelming despair and loss, there were also stories of survival."

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